Market Linked Certificates of Deposit; Better Returns With FDIC Protection

How Secure Is Your Retirement?

Where do you have your retirement funds? There are only three places we can put our money; banks, insurance companies, and securities, such as stocks and bonds.


The closer we get to retirement, or if we are already in retirement, the more important it is to not lose our hard earned money.  This means we have to choose between safety, with low returns, or risk, with potentially higher returns, but which is accompanied by the prospect of substantial losses.


So, we can seek the most safety by placing the funds in CDs and/or Money Market Funds, but the returns on these are minimal, and in many if not  most cases, loss of purchasing power is a major problem.


Another option is to put our funds in equities and/ or mutual funds, but with the market at historic highs, the question becomes; what happens to my account when the next downturn arrives, and how much am I at risk of losing?


The good news is that there is another way; Market Linked Certificates of Deposit. These CDs offer the security of FDIC Insurance, but with the attractive feature of better than normal returns. They are linked to market instruments, so that the client receives a portion of market gains, but does not suffer losses on the downside.


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